Pink Gas (AA)


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Indica Dominant Hybrid – 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

Incredibly powerful and potent, this truly is a strain for the ages. Most popular among heavy hitters, this Indica dominant hybrid packs a heavy-hitting body-based high and has a famous diesel-like flavor and aroma profile. A variant of the extremely famous Pink Kush and a close relative of the infamous OG Kush, Pink Gas is guaranteed to be a great smoke, and can even become your new favorite strain. However, be sure to use it at night, or on days you have nothing else going on. Because it’s incredibly sedative, overpowering effects have been known to knock out many heavy hitters. While Pink Gas is loved for its appearance and potency, its taste and aroma are also unique. Due to its Kush lineage, the strain gives off a strong earthy scent that is both sweet and floral, as well as extremely gassy and diesel-like. The taste is also similar, and quite harsh on the exhale. Other than that, the strain is a smooth one and is predominantly earthy in its flavor. Almost a pure Indica strain, Pink Gas is well-loved in the market for its powerful body-based effects. However, the strain also contains cerebral effects. The high begins with a strong, euphoric, and cerebral rush, which fills the user with happiness and leaves them giggling and smiling uncontrollably. Quickly after this, the body high seizes the body, and powerful numbness sets in. As a result, users often fall lazily back on their couch or bed, and won’t be able to get up for hours and hours. When using Pink Gas, we often advise users to keep a bunch of snacks nearby, to deal with the powerful munchies that set in. As a result, Pink Gas is mostly used by experienced users or for medicinal purposes. Its high potency and THC levels allow Pink Gas to be effective against a number of conditions including chronic pain, headaches and migraines, nausea, stress, insomnia, and even a loss of appetite.

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