Pure Ultimate CBD – Full Spectrum CBD 30mg Capsules




Pure Ultimate CBD – 30mg of FULL SPECTRUM CBD per Capsule.

Cannabinoid breakdown: CBD = 25mg, CBG, CBN, CBDV, CBC = 3mg, THC = 2mg

Experience the benefits of Pure Ultimate CBD.
Give yourself the chance to conquer symptoms that prescription pills can’t. We aim to deliver optimal grade CBD products in its purest form. Our products are lab tested to ensure the full spectrum of CBD, the benefits of the entourage effect with added THC.
Effects from consuming will help combat pain, inflammation, anxiety and more. Daytime Consumption will be calming and painless making any task bearable. A true full spectrum gel cap, no leaking issues, properly dosed and lab tested.

30 caps per bottle

Storage: Cool, dark, dry place – away from heat and moisture.